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In this text I try to pass on a system of thought, starting from the following idea:

The cosmos would be a “being” in a position inverted down to the unconsciousness.

In which the emergence of the conscious would express its point of view « in the right orientation » towards return. The desire bringing him always to better conscious above the inverse weft of his cosmic “being”, always better grasped.


I use a minimum, abrupt language, non literary and determinedly not university, with current words which would want to be purely technical to describe the superimposing of these two directions.

We are here to create consciousness…From inverse threat…



The current dissolution expresses a change of era.


In image: we were during 2000 years in centripetal acquisition, "absorption" of the Christ-centre in negligence of the outside cosmos.

At saturation, the central dizziness makes the men to face empty cosmic space as if they turned gradually towards the outside. Bringing with them the era of the Humain God less and less central, scattered in each.


Meanwhile the antique big vaults collapsed, discovering a fathomless night. The earth curled down in sphere, and the former sun centre spread in sheaf in the night. The Man in search for the axis, from the Human central dizziness up to that cosmic "opposite" …


Through the dissolution, schizophrenia of ideas and values, we already discern the human perspective spread from past towards the future.

We shall pass from an era of central fusion, towards an era of the “Spirit”, more technical …



I suggest this systematic weft (going through images and in movements without reference to fixed definitions of the other systems) :

The cosmos would be a being in an attitude inverted until the unconsciousness, with regard to what I call "Reality".

I push my hypothesis to its extremity, knowing that across the cosmic veil the human reason evolves in the absurd.


In the Reality which was One up to there, an aspect of consciousness sinks in itself. As if there was a central limit not to be exceeded towards the “non-being”, the correctly directed Reality offers itself : Its central aspect stops the fall, its total aspect realizes its leak in extension from lack of back support, thus the state of his “total being” as empty space, which spreads expanding the settled central point… Realizing the “cosmos-being”, by these two extremes.

To systematize, I use the 4 elements. It is the simplest weft; that allows an infinity of developments. Overturn (mutation) - control - being - force, represented in water - air - earth - fire.


Reality: the control in the center of force of being unique everywhere.

The cosmos: control in outline, by inverted back support diffusing the total being into empty space, and directed to seize itself as to be central, such as he controls it as "matter" on the “force” returned in explosion from the threshold of settled point.




When the whole implosive pressure balances itself on the explosion of a whirlwind, the cosmos realizes his central being unconscious. In its inverted attitude, the flight of the back support having diffused the control in "impossible" outline, its prolonged action unconsciously unties and "lands" one "wave-control" toward the atmospheric plan on this line stopped in sphere.

The pressure interns of “force of being” which continue in explosion, brings to the surface some multiples of entities of beings with “force of “arising beings” inside them. It is therefore enough for that diffuse unconscious control, to be trapped inside these entities, and find itself as centre …

This central point uses the pure force shone from the implosif threshold, to turn the vital-control of this being toward outside, associated to the other extremity of cosmic force, that trapped – liquefied inside the planet, serving to arise on surface and expanse the being.

The cosmos wakes up blank, divided, contemplating the condition that it built up itself. Fighting for lasting in front of gravity and deadly dissolution, by the links of “supplies”, of being, force, and control, taken on exterior inverted cosmos, he sharpens his conscious.

What gives the sense of total Realization of the “Cosmos Individual”, as place « inside itself » of fight between consciousness of being and risk of “non being”.


At a level of interrogation of this consciousness, the Reality, as if It was concerned, gets involved by offering its connection with its "order" on the way of return.

It will have to assume the inverted condition and thus the link with the cosmos around as "himself". To assume the vertiginous centripetal risk towards the non-being, to be returned by accepting the connection with Reality, as his true origin.

It is necessary to suppose that it is a risk for Her also, if we imagine that the cosmos is not an accident nor a disease but an inevitable movement in itself by which the Reality resupplies herself in returned “force of being conscious”.

And for us if the cosmos is the place where is decided the fight between consciousness of being and non being, the doubt is a part of the assembling, which will thus be always a construction without proof.


About the order of return …

I present the marks which articulate both inverse structures between themselves.

On one hand we create mentally a mechanic entity as an arbitrary totality ending in a cosmic link with the men (physical or collective) coming to preserve them. With the impression that its chain always more improved, tends towards an indefinite renewal, while its only known absolute is the end.

This " Human creation ", tendency seizure towards oneself, is countered in balance by the creation of another one, also exclusively human plan, using the first one overturned rightly, as a "risky" tendency - loosened up to its end or "self-sacrifice". As if this first one served as base for the appearance of a plan of awakening of a unique consciousness meaning its overtaking, overturning his principle, which was conceived toward the horizon with all his mechanical logic



in centripetal effort, to start from the Man (the men) « re –adjusted » center elusive and irrational linked to the “great all” overtaken irrationally, in a second reading of all the mechanical linking become harmonized simultaneously as a single one, resounding its scheme, any limits becoming “out of limits” as of a whole « transfigured through and out of all ». The link toward the end "ventured", becomes overturned into " the unlimited Beginning ".

In the first plan : the seizure towards oneself, for oneself, with its mechanics course of linking taken on the greater one conceived as totality of world which comes on “moments” identified as menace of end of oneself, converts them into efforts of “moments-debuts”, relaunching her ceaselessly… Accorded with the mechanical organization of the human group in inter-individual holding towards the most effective engaging, which would make “moments-débuts infinitely".

This first “scheme-level” of act prolongs the animal action of rational practice, into " abnormal effort ", arbitrarily absolute.

The second expresses the awakening of an irrational conscious "non practical", and which wants to be the only absolute, onto the conception of objectives cosmic supports always more elusive, as second reading towards always more return to “Realty”, and which allows to rest the over-tension of the “abnormal” effort by balancing it.

In collective environment its emergence is conceived by the individuals as starting from a Principle Centre imperceptible irrational Human being, beyond any intercourse of power, attached in best at the absolute Beginning without end, "insuring" the risk of the end of each during its integration as man in the group engaging (“ enclencheur”) .


The movement of « seizure towards oneself » aims towards « a bottom », that « risked in offering towards outside » resumes it towards « a height ».

The work-top which builds the first floor of the double structure (that being confined with physical border or of humanized mechanical space connected with the great cosmic mechanics), has its summit of accumulation of the schemes “toward-end”, directed to the base; the one which builds the “Beginning without end”, its summit upward … Vertical Accumulations … Of the being according with its vital material requirement, and that of the “risk of it”… articulated by force and control in several landings of descents or goings up (the body for the individual, the cosmic environment in three dimensions arbitrarily confined and in evolution, to speak about the global History of the community studied farther). As if the movement of ascent had to start from a point of cone which makes implanting of the set… The “being” to be assumed according to all its verticality, until displayed in surface structure, released risky, taken in care -in submission to its reversal as to its principle- in the other direction by a second reading of transfiguration, into a Beginning absolute « across and out everything ». As towards the summit of an opposite cone upward.


Both inverse structures balance each other as an only one in the ideal.


In case of imbalance it is the effort of the first type that takes it with seizure of the “Beginning without end”, accelerating the attraction towards the end of the totality … And pulling towards a series of " inverse effects " of those hoped.



The progress of the double structure registers its “ascent in consciousness” on the continuity of our link to the cosmos always farther (through that of “supplying”), in an evolution which gives sense to the human adventure.

This evolution goes through conflicts between the two “schemes” up to their dissolution, and reconstruction.

The mechanical totality wears out, its relativity cannot be repressed for a long time, while the second “scheme-level” exceeded the zenith of its "Event"… It reacts by still increasing its primacy, and takes itself the command of the first level trying to maintain the former balance as key to continue the same cosmic engaging control… Involuntarily engaging in direction of inverse effect, the acceleration of attraction of the end. The hope of a new horizon remaining...

At the beginning of this new work -which overlaps the dissolution of the former one- the second plan is gradually repulsed as unreal, the cosmos as mechanical mystery occupies all the field, and "the end" becomes the only absolute … Distilled as « beginnings of the end » indefinite, repulsed by the effort of human engaging looking forward to the new totality and the hope of its seizure of definitive beginning… this “end” is going to progress in the consciousnesses, until making precarious this seizure of human moments-debut.

The principle activating this absolute of the end as dominant and every “moment- debuts” which accelerate themselves in that direction, is only conceivable as a cosmic containing (compound sprouting) impossible to overtake, of "cruel mother" type.

In repercussion of progressive disorganization on the group in search of permanent re-balancing by the dominants, rationally tight between themselves for the effect of always better engaging over the moments temporary debuts and the hope of the definitive seizure, always more members will secretly be repressed, associated to the effect of this absolute of the ultimate end.

In the outcome of the work on the new totality, "end" finally revealed, the ascent in consciousness fits the new second appropriate “scheme-level”. Seen in "historic" perspective, it's as if it was this level who had called up to his own realization, through the load of optimism stemming from the previous one having allowed the work of re-construction, and the illusory hope of a possible absolute seizure in expulsion of the absolute of the end.


The individual double structure lasts all the life on its data of departure out of competition, but it has to be in incessant involvement to face revelations of end, the risks of cosmic inversion sent back by the others, up to the final balance of confirmation of the original offered, making it efficient in the midst of others.

Its maximum accumulation of “all-duration-out of duration” « front-face », put out of its axis and spread « streamed on profile » makes a second reading « out limit » of the cosmos surrounding… From its foreground scene up to the horizon, as long as she can integrate always better that of the double collective structure, or always into continuation « of profile » to join the mechanical work. By where begins the participation in the collective coherence.



“Scene place” of departure …

If inside the Reality a state of consciousness was reversed down to the



possible limit losing sense of the right out, being stopped there and fulfilled as cosmos in his state of orientation having reached unconscious, he cannot turn around by himself, as entity ; “he” wakes up facing his truth in points turned into lives burst prisoners of his night and his gravity on himself.

For return the Reality gets involved, as if “She” was concerned by this awakening “front face in Her direction”.

By freeing a “place” in “Herself” ( Spirit in the feminine)… Of loss and return in consciousness.

By risking in it the scene of his end…

And offering “Herself” from the "inside" (Spirit in the masculine) to this multiple conscious by arousing "historically" their “Real” Centre each time in the right side out, He enlightens and shows the road of the ascent in consciousness, attracts the reversal of all the cosmic attitude, and gathers this front of multiple consciousnesses of the “being-cosmic” which they represent together, from their Centre, to realize its promise to make actual the total overturn at the threshold of "ultimate" end.

This Spirit-masculine is in work of "drawing up” the ascents of consciousness, through the three types of totalities : the one who mentalise the total cosmos conceived , inside which there is the "humanized" one, and then that of the human body.


“Work-scene” of the collective Man.

The collective Man mentalise a mechanical assembly in the space which he grasps (according to what he can move on to this mode, not including necessarily all the field of vision), whose “principle” would tend to spread in the expansion, and its centripetal action to threaten him with the end. That he tries to redo moments-debuts always renewed, as from a precarious centre breaking and extending the movement of the big mechanics in relation to him, by return on itself (from “end” relaunched in a mechanic course toward “début”), putting back the end as much as possible, until that inevitable.

This last scene, taken out of the bigger one for creation of the “humanized mechanic” space, is an effort opposite inside that general (attempt of reversal the ends impacts, but on the same mechanical mode, always failed.)

The course of this humanized mechanic is made on rhythm (theorically) from the pressure of the end progressively tipped over on rhythm of “moments-début” crescendo up to its launching, on the return of production, and the efficiency of which as durability of the group is measured by the successful renewal of its cycle, “indefinitely”.


The mechanical aspect of all the outside space thus contains two engagings moments-debut. The one imperceptible, somewhere in the biggest outside; and the other one activated by the Man at moment-debuts of humanized mechanics.

Also are there two sorts of “Debuts-without end”: the one "somewhere else" of totality, and the other one as irrational Human Centre detaining its function from the first one. They articulate from the Principle-Ultimate Début (which can be only “the correct orientation” herself), convinced by the sacrifice of the men according to the ancestors, to involve the irrational Human Centre through the first-man-engaging genetically linked with Him by his ultimate ancestor, as



warrant of indefinite renewal of “moments-débuts”...Which feed Him in return.


The animal having prolonged its effort of simple survival in an absolute conception (becoming human), has to create a scene-level principle superimposed on that centripetal one, allowing to boost the “abnormal” effort ceaselessly, and to determine afterward an “ascent in consciousness ».


The Man is born, by becoming aware of the inevitable end of his bestiality implied with the “arbitrary totality” and by risking it by adopting a new value: “the sacrifice”, from the mechanics scene he gained as humanized one, “nourishing” the Absolute Principle, implied and concerned by the end of its centripetal movement, in exchange of promise of “Beginning without end” ; and by burying his dead with ceremony, to maintain this irrational economy: the dead beyond will influence on the Absolute-Début, generator of abundance of fruits of the centripetal world, being able to thus make the sacrificers lasting, and give material to sacrifice.


At the first human Time, the connection between both scene-level of the double collective structure is itself of mechanic type. The second is breeding the first one. “Mother Nature” breeds the mechanic of “abundance”, eventually with the accord of a distant father “Great Spirit”. She can be fertilized only from her inside, incestuously, by the sacrifice of a part of the “vital” gained. At this start everything is alive. The great mechanic is alive, even considered separately in the double structure, since the involvement is feeding, at the impact returned from “moments-débuts”. Every cog of this big mechanics is doubled in "spirit" delegated by the great Mother and the Principle, with influence on the efficiency of “moments-debuts” as “perpetual”, according to the “human center”, generally an eminent ancestor who becomes more or less deified, due to his genealogical link with the chain of the most efficient spirits.


The vertical orientation is basic, from the impact of end as simple physical gravity connected with the notion of night and subterranean destruction, up to the sky and the light toward beyond, the Absolute unlimited Spirit.

( The verticality will take all its meaning when the Man will come to assume his link to the natural elements as to be acquired as parts of himself -alive only as divine-, the telluric fire from the earth depths as the emergence of force ; the being above surface ; the air by which the vital-control is released from tellurium ; and water finally overturning all the central cosmos elements, altogether in the rhythm of the time written on the astronomical chart by the Principle beyond. Series of "Acts" studied farther.)


The tendency during the evolution of the first level, is the progressive penetration and possession of the big mechanics by that humanized, with the ideal of a cosmos totally as an "object" for the Man.

At the second level, the absolute unlimited Beginning beyond any conception is represented at first in a separated place. Men will progressively work to figure it “down here”. Figures with a coherence always improved in propulsion toward return to their “Realty” beyond, according to the efficiency of their human center.



After the first Great Time, the double structure comes apart its mechanical genetic link between both structures, each level finding gradually its specificity. The general mechanics becomes more autonomous as that humanized penetrates always more into it… Finally (ideal outcome) to seize it as total object, its ultimate end assumed as inevitable, testifying only for what it is: that of the cosmos (the one “being central”) inverted in unconsciousness, toward the ultimate end. Requiring to make a second reading “complete”, as if the “all” was transfigured in right-turn out of all limit and time, in image which makes attraction towards the " Real paradise”.


The efficiency of the conception of this “Absolute Principle” and the balanced reports between each structure, allows the hanging out of constraint to which the individual “doubles” can release themselves confidently to face the menace of end.



Individual “work-top”.

Our supports in vertical ascent, to spread out.

« Seizures - control - released ». (Lived mentally.)

- Force. Radiating from the sun- plexus , until it holds all the Being, under Control.

- Being. The body in its entirety. Centre of vital-functioning, the heart and the lungs; centre of preservation, the belly, with spiral tendency which finishes directed downward. Under Control and Force.

- Control. From the brain… Assuming the Being held downward (by Force), until the conceivable totality… Collected at the ventral-centre (belly), ready to cross mentally the plan of reversal of direction starting from the diaphragm, up to its relaxation at the rhythms of his power plant of vital-heart-lungs lent to their automatisms… Becoming impulse of wave resounding at point-passage of the throat, to succeed to spread in plan of surface in the passage between eyes. The being ready to venture himself released out in offering …

- At the threshold of the "overturn" (4th element), the second reading “transfiguring” through out of all limit.


The control downward directs the "fork" (the legs) at the earth-mass in the service of the belly by the force activating bellows and all the muscle of the vital, and upward the release at the diaphragm by risking to suspend the work at the center-plan of vital power "heart-lungs" from expelled air, in the service of the "outward-all".


The extremity of “Being's” totality is acquired downward, by the inside, by landings down to the “sacrum” (the animal souvenir) supported on the fork… The support of the “image” of oneself integrating what has been sent by the others,… and allowing the pivot at the sex, by impulse of the “double call”, which brings back up this totality rejoining these others.

The “plan 0” of the original image is sent (in the ideal) out of constraint and concurrence, under command of irrational collective principle of the moment.

Since reception of this “plan”, each coming back up toward the “other”,



acquire the landings more individualized in conscience as is calibrated the interval with the “other”, with overtaking of the menace of end by the irrational hanging shared. As if it was to confirm the “plan 0” as efficient in the midst of others.


The link to irrational principle is warrant of his immutability, making him free from the start, and allowing him to overtake any “scene of end” on the course of the competition.

When the collective image of confirmation is a constraint not overtaken on the individuals “plan 0”, there is a pressure on their totality toward the end.


In a period on the way of dissolution of the collective double structure, by necessity to rebuild a mechanic totality, the image of “confirmation” tends to impose its dominion on the “plan 0”, until willing to supplant it, making secondary its link to the individual original plan. This effort develops in networks of balances which impose a new collective principle, of rational kind for only one level of structure, making their balance of possessions as an exchange of commercial type imitating the gift, with spiral-centripetal orientation, trying to align itself as command on every individual plan. The balance of the collective tension network impose its level of pressure to be assimilated as unovertaken by the individual structure.

This gap with a plan 0 which felt immutable could make it elusive and out of access, with negation of his being as if it was excluded from the humanity. This principle of network of inter-individual tension tries therefore to impose at the start of the individual “plan 0”, under the authority of the “first man engaging”, auto-proclaimed linked with his irrational principle as the “human myth of winner” become “humanism”; in fact reduced to the “physics” of inter-individuals presents. The “confirmation” becoming absolute, on-accelerating the vertigo of ejection in case of gap for the individual, the attraction of end for the collectivity.


To be more precise about the accumulation of all-limits plans towards their "Realization" out-of-limits, between individuals …

From the respective positions… The individuals “hold” themselves mutually in a complementary way, to act on the collective space-time. With regard of the figure of a circumference and its centre : inside there is a rather feminine glance back to the line, facing the centre, and a rather male glance back to the centre facing the line in regard to the outside. The circumferences are multiple up to the biggest conceivable. What makes the centre spreading itself in axis. The woman tempts the image outline the most blossomed out of her being with regard to the axis, and the man the best being as centre with regard to the line and its outside. In a dominant way, because each has the other aspect. They fit between them according to the choice for the best survival of the human group and the era of the current cosmic link to be assimilated. Enriched mutually they participate each in both orientations.

In the ideal. In appeal of inter-individual Realization they look for the best seizure of their own being, aligned on the collective supports and Principle. Held in accumulation of totality, under force and control, stretched out as from the basic point of the inverse cone leaving the limit of the animal recollection, in



telluric ascent until spreading themselves in surface structure with saturation of all-limit all-duration, they will risk the end of that all as each releases himself in offering to the other one, adjusted in inter-connections -put in axis of the one, corresponding blooming of the other one-, the “virtual physical supports” standing hung out as if they were held automatically by themselves linked to the “ultimate” irrational principle, and it is as if the mutual realization came from an overturn of their "image" suddenly “transfigured” to the right direction. Of all-limit all-duration opened to the Principle, He creates them from the absolute Beginning, out of limits.


The "principle" which calls up for the overturn is the Reality itself, the Absolute Beginning under the aspect already reached in consciousness and in movement towards the next plan, on the axis between « the Being of Real settled-root» (irrational central Being of the right orientation) towards « total Being of the same Reality », by the “Spirit” of them, acting the ascendant move of the divine plan through the space-time cosmic. It is by the "principle" that works the double structure. His Spirit (masculine), gets in touch with the “points” figuring the weft spread in surface representing the "totality" of the individual being, held in suspend, released in risk outward. Moving on with the offering He prolongs them each in “overturn”, inducing a potential duplicate, in “incandescence” of expectation of the end of the cone of physical gravity, to establish it towards its realization in connection with the point summit of cone in the other direction, in the plan of the ultimate end, the threshold of the absolute Beginning.


In the illusory and temporary cosmic ocean, the “scene-plan” of this surface between both cones is the place of emergence of the Reality.

On his final return he will re-supply the Reality in consciousness of being.

And in a possible new introspection, becoming new cosmos this former experience will give all the visible tangibility of its physical phenomena.


The cosmic inversion is the base of these postulates, « seizure toward oneself” as support of the double structure, without exceeding the limit of the end at the saturation of its totality. And the doubt becomes very important because if there is a nature possible toward the inversion within the Reality, when become cosmos this nature is in us and will have the possibility up to the end at least to doubt of the return in the right direction. Because it is here that is decided the fight between consciousness of being and non being.


The men thus participate in a sort of “coherent Light” not cosmic (but in the cosmos), which shows itself in flashes and of which the men become “ propulsive particles ».

These flashes are enlightened in the middle of the men "convergent" "coherent", and between two face to face at the surfaces of overturn in fusion.

The individual throws this double in a beam enlightening the support of the cosmos around, in a three dimensions sphere starting from the foreground in the rhythm - making vibrate every step between beginnings and the ends, and of harmony from one or the other according to the dominant- more or less accelerated which tend to integrate it into the great “second reading”, that of the



humanized collective plan, revealing the particular state in which it crossed the risk of inter-individual inversion.

The individual “sphere of light” integrated in harmony into the great one gives our state of propulsion in the general "coherent Light".

The rhythm of passage of the one in the other is maintained by the "work". It neutralizes the tensions of current seizures, by allowing to unfold the “all duration” of the individual sphere accumulated “front face”, as rhythm duration “of profile” into that of the great one. And more it is fascinating until becoming an art-work, better it can express the light of the great collective sphere.


The bright sphere is built by a multitude of tests of risks of accelerations of end, which become the "salt" of our existence turning sensitive the cosmic plan as a delight, by the second reading of the vertiginous perspective into transfigured being.


The suffering can be durable.

Imagining that physical supports badly recognized and passed on with the fear of the attraction to end, replaced by others that we forced to remove the original, are the source of our sufferings.


The acceleration toward the end creates a “contretemps” which for the Absolute Beginning does not exist, it is just to be let reduced bit by bit, from “scene-plan” of the end to another, sure that its desire will automatically be abolished by the one who is ours - in the already recognized plan, including the refused aspects.

Finally there is the one who can see himself free of his tie to the social spiral, or badly moored by the inter-individual and collective connections to the centripetal whirlwinds, to see himself definitively at the mercy of the centrifugal ejection.

Confronted to the dizziness of the current dissolution.


He knows may be that the “Beginning” is already calling…

That His work has started.


We will have to know how to carry on the human movement of « ascent in consciousness » from passed to future, to be able to overtake the new conception of cosmic being.

Having assumed their animal inversion, introduced in the human double structure, the pact established towards the return, the "first great time" of the irrational economy with its chain of spirits in its confined and mastered collective place, Men were called to recognize their new links to the cosmic inversion prolonged still beyond the links of “resupplying” of vital…


To create consciousness, man must become more and more “cosmos”, because it is as such that he can make return as consciousness of being orientated in right direction. He therefore has to assimilate the cosmic links (at the basis the resuplying of cells) that will reveal this realty. This links assumed “consciously” give a (relative) superiority facing immediate surrounding, allowing him to build a



“humanized mechanic”, seizure “for oneself” superimposed by a re-reading which release it in the other way. It is the link assumed as “oneself” which gives “optimism of seizure”, on what is looking like him, but as separated and inferior in consciousness. And it is the importance of this link which will make growing the power of its “humanized mechanic”. At the beginning the “cogs” (shared with the spirits and the great mother) of this mechanic are more “living being” (to be eaten) and less “dead objects” ( the tools), then men seize more and more “dead objects” over-pouring even up to the living beings of supplying. And today become “Central Cosmos” (complete earth being assimilated according to all its elements) we see ourselves surrounded by “dead objects”, available for seizure, or living “mechanisable”.

Man is called for assimilation of cosmic links by the unlimited Realty, that is to say here the Spirit in charge of the aspiration of consciousness through the cosmic “contretemps”… And to whom man gives back the re-reading in transcendence of the first level of double structure… Through the setting of “cosmic gods”, which sharpen contain and orientate this link.


The whirling round of the cosmic gods, which present to consciousness the “earth being” according to its elements (all central being) to get assumed acquired in “oneself” as such…

To assume the central-being, the auto-creation of the unconscious cosmos, as a complete individual. The second great time.



We can imagine that for this assimilation of an element after an other of this “Being”, the connection Man-Reality (by its Spirit) is made during a relative duration with regard to the men, which they see as ultimate dial … The ultimate dial of the antique Man is the pretransfer (precession) of the equinoxes. And as any dial it has to be rigorous. There is a single time for each element.

(Even if later it will give the zodiac it has nothing to do with the influence of planets.)

The partition is going to be plaid during almost 26000 years, in 12 eras of more than 2000 years.

Elements : overturn (mutation), control, being, force. Figured : water, air, earth, fire.


The Man assimilates the force (indirect of tellurium emerging the being on surface, and that direct of orientation toward exterior by the sun, as a single one) ; then the being emerging itself ; and the air-control free on the surface ; at last the overturn of the all set ending nowadays with the last era of the “water series”… Each through a series of three eras : assimilation of the element as from the extremity; acquisition as if it was a whole; finally given up to the Human-God who overturns it through each human toward Reality.


The series: air-earth-fire; water-air-earth; fire-water-air; earth-fire-water.

The first one, the force (fire) through the series air-earth-fire:

The extremity is felt as "propelled" in vibration by another element, "foreign" god, outward all mechanics, “air”. And as it is about a sort of sharpening, he sends



it to be reflected on a "ceremonial" centre, the element “earth” subordinated (opposite) to air, from which the men receive the connection as to a vibratory source.

At the extinction the second era of the series begins : the element central-reflector (earth) deploys itself in outline, containing all, as inert element switching off any reflection, tangible and stabilizing. Inside, the men are going to feel the element fire as if it is to be acquired “entirely” in each, according to laws of balance between each into the community, in relation to The presence beyond the outline (whom will be felt as "Father" of the Human Centre of the 3rd era).

The balance between elements as "entity” cannot be held for a long time, the outline of containing dissolves itself and the central dizziness increases always more… Living place for the ascent of the being of Real central rooting-up of the corresponding element. In two parts : his link with the cosmos impulses by The Spirit the recovery of unity of this elements entities threatened with scattering, all the way from its cosmic threshold, each of that new unity being reoriented towards the centre where arrives, as if it engendered Him, the Real central emanation of this being to receive the offering of the acquired entities, which He turns over in right direction through each.

During the second series (water-air-earth), the being (earth) is assimilated as telluric emergence, propelled by water (of fire from the depths), as if coming from the back, outside our field of vision to be received in consciousness facing to air, which becomes, in the next era, containing of the suspension of this beings (earth) in the space, felt as entities. The fact that appears an emergence from the invisible "back", with regard to what we feel in front face, infers at first a plan with horizontal limit separating under -secret telluric work- and above towards emergence in front face, meaning a second separation at the level of the consciousnesses between an invisible subtle plan of connection with a sort of " internal verb ", serving as place for doubles and spirits of the dead, and on the other hand the visible world. The emergence of the God Human being is always made in 2 parts.

The 3rd series (fire-water-air) assimilate the control (air) in reflection on water, by the sun “propeller” (force of vital towards surrounding). This water becomes containing of any lives as entities totally emerged and with all the potentialities of free mutations, offering by extension the secret of the vegetable lives ( the agriculture). Offered back to the Human God testifying through each human the victory of the life as bound to the eternal Reality over the cosmic deaths, from the “double” of human being completely emerged and realized.

The 4th series (earth-fire-water) makes assimilate the overturn itself (water) of all the acquired cosmic central being, by the propeller from beyond all central being cosmic : the Total one as empty space beyond the solar system, which sends the element to be reflected on the sun as the force of orientation-control of the “vital” toward exterior ; which spreads in the 2nd era as fire flaring up of any reflection, until making the cosmic matter "demythologized", digging the dizziness for our ultimate Human Centre overturning all the central being acquired in each …


I use the expressions « eras of the Beautiful, the True, and the Good » forming a series.



Of the Beautiful. Era of the Spirit (Sent by the total Reality, the Real Father), activating the cosmic couple "propeller-reflector": vibrating unstable in charge of isolate and send the element to be assimilated until sharpening it to the centre reflector of the stable element. As making it felt at its "extremity" from the same in human oneself, sharpened and available. (Such as the other extremity is assimilated by the Real Son.)


Era of the True.

By the same movement of withdrawing from this connection "cosmic couple", the Spirit pulls the element reflector to separation –“dead”, suppressing any reflection and abolishing any centre from the threshold of the end of total-Being to open the way to the Real Father. Until this former reflector appears containing the world as instrument of the Father, leaving the element assimilated felt without conceivable connection in the other extremity, as if it was to be assumed in entity in each, in a "fair" balance between all. (While the Christ assumes it "completely" at the fundamental rooting.)


Era of the Good.

As soon as the "weft" of balances between elements "entities" comes loose in an outline which shies away, the central dizziness deepens revealing the axis Father Real –Son Real.

While the need of unity is felt by the "entities" left disorientated hanging loose between each… In the same movement of the Spirit, the element assumed in totality at the cosmic threshold by the Christ impulses the central dizziness to prepare the offering of the multiple entities as a single one, for the emergence of the Real Human Center , to receive it. As if this new containing-entity emanated from the threshold engendered the Human God, who comes up to receive these elements entities as the only one, and overturn it through the men.


The Event of these about 26000 years - Reversal of all the Central Being cosmic in the man is secretly lived. The conscious is driven through a mechanical assembly alive as gods, up to the Gods Human beings. Supported by the axis Real Father-Real son, this mechanism between “cosmic gods”, managed by the Spirit, represents the dynamic of the “hangings on cosmic supports” displayed in landscape whose link to the men is to be assumed acquired offered and Realized transfigured in its totality by the Human God and his father. The elements of the set move progressively forward to human attention, and then backward, in measure of their involvement in the emergences of assimilations acquisitions, offered.

The air and the water to be the elements of liberty on surface and takeoff, appear gradually at the human consciousness, passing from « vibrating mysterious distant » in a series, to true « containing support » in the following one, up to penetrate itself in fusion of overturn to the Center at Human God in the third, and then absorbed back, accumulated in the human physical supports, completing the realization of the double, and becoming the last ascending elements loaded with the control and the overturn for the future "takeoff".

While the tellurics (fire and earth) are acquired at once as ground anchoring, to push to the emergences and the takeoff as first ascending influences pushing




These elements build a world in evolution.


The element propeller shows itself as “strange, intoxicating”, outward all conception, and the set back of which in the following era allows the arousing of the outlines of the "true" era, as themselves will “necessarily” arouse the "central dizziness" of the appeal for the last one of the three eras.

The 1st propeller, Air, spreads its drunkenness through the world.

It let arouse the containing limit in the following era from the centre reflection of its drive, which spreads around : Earth by passing upward turning round to contain all, switching off The "propeller", emptying and sinking the centre (that it had realized) for the ascent of the God Human being to come.

In 2d and 3rd series -in matriarchal domination- the space of the world is going to be divided between bottom, secret telluric work, and high with emergence above, with in the middle the horizontal limit toward emergence, to become division all around between visible and invisible.

The god invisible propeller of the 2d series -« Water of telluric fire »- represents the awakening of a “point of view from the back”, inaccessible in front face, boosting the emergence of Being in the air-reflection “form-making”, which makes it cosmic tangible individual. This down back elusive position becomes all around at the next era as emanation of air-containing from the sky, arousing the necessity of a “subtle” intermediary plan wrapping the world henceforth “ sublunary” . It manifest this air, at the plan of the “True” accessible “in front all around”, governing the compensatory balances between the human beings, and transmitting the "breath-voice" from the subtle emanation of this very surrounding air-support, for support of the tangibility of being-entity making resound its plenitude, from the Father beyond all… This series is extremely centripetal.

The propeller of “sensitive impulsion” of the 3rd series comes from through the centre of solar energy (the force reversal of vital toward exterior), making assimilate the control (turned) mirrored on water ; and opening the water outline at the following era of the “true”, wrapping of this water as feeding the life in ultimate fountain bathing the “mutations” of "re-emergences” of the vital-beings above the surface of emergence. This water as essential (primordial) - even with regard to the subtle world-, of feminine type spreads its world henceforth to all the solar system.

In the 4th series, the spell will gradually be drilled ; the horizontal surface will curl slowly downward until the night opens at the opposite with the collapse of vaults.

The invisible propeller from outward of the world, now stepped back in the plan of the fixed stars (in fact the empty space of the “total-being”), makes assimilate the “overturn” in reflection on the sun fire-force from the ultimate threshold, which in its flaring up will consume former vaults and their surviving gods with their telluric links. Opening to the "religions" of liberation, and giving to the Man his power onto all the cosmic central Being.


The eras of the “true”, stretched out one after the other until containing gradually the world in its totality, end in opening the central dizziness by cleansing it from any mechanics of assimilation-acquisition, for the ascent of the



Human God, ready to receive the corresponding element, returning it toward the men, sacrificing Himself as "impossible" centre.

The 1st, Fire, become internal and which remains in relay from one to another, is at the mythical plan, the "Archer". « …Of the One who sends ». (Link impulsed by all what makes “light, burning, fire and volcanic eruptions. It might have gone on in wars with crazy predators.

This force gets its “corporal limits”, confined by the 2d, the Earth, in "shock wave" of the mythical plan : the "Virgo". (At time of dissolutioin of era of “true”, I imagine men at the end of glacial time huddled in caves.) Because the centripetal aspect of this series suppose to live in "solid" the unity of the element acquired in each to be received in preliminary emanation from the subtle plan at the ultimate cosmic root by the Reality… Before the yoke is dissolved for the emergence of the Human God, who receives and returns the offering of the element by every individual, not having other link anymore than Him.

Beings released in free movement by the 3em, the "control" as master of the complete double in its totality saturated ready to the detachment and the overturn to come (and master of the " agricultural miracle » until saturation of abundance in mouths). Osiris waiting only for the Christ.

The 4th, at the end of the arrow of « the one who sends Me », as Central Real

Being receives the complete cosmos central acquired by men, suspended in the empty space, untied from its ground links, which He overturns toward the threshold of the end of total being cosmic, to The Reality beyond.


All the elements –assimilated-acquired-returned- makes a vertical movement of exit of earth until blooming in surface. The Force of the depths, the emergence of Being just above, and Air-control completely emerged, until spreading his being over the surface in the last series ending with the overturn of the all set.

The propellers of beyond, moving one after the other from always more out back, having thus activated this vertical movement, each time arousing the outlines which crown the balances of acquisitions and moved back in their turn until bursting their vaults piled so high that the surface folded down cutting the telluric link for the future takeoff … By the work in “Truth” of the Spirit having confronted us with our cosmic links, to be assumed and offered.


Chain of eras, expressing the all movement of the central cosmic links absorbed by man and overturned in re-reading in ascent of consciousness :

At the achievement of the first great time, the fire already close to the human consciousness, the water gets ready to put off as first “ascendant” containing all the mystery, loaded with all the great cycle coming, and to begin the first series Fire.

Air-Earth-Fire . The Force comes up from the light of the cosmic threshold as well as its vertical push up from depth on top above the earth surface, "stirred up" in emergence by Air, confined on "Earth-valve" to make it assimilate the link to that of the men. Earth opening in crucible containing of its blooming acquired in each, until collapse in "dissolution" at the arrival of the Human God overturning the element through the men towards the Reality.

Water-Air-Earth . The element Earth is propelled by the push of Water (of fire, « extremity upward » of Force), tipped over its telluric convulsions,



assimilated by the men like in a hollow of Air. Such as a tumulus delivering its small earth in air as “fertile mystery” diffused magically to the zealots. Then acquired bloomed in each, all wrapped in balance in its breath. The man of dust given back to his Human God, Air absorbed by “ascendant” Fire ( in first support of rooting), rarefied as in a summit.

Fire-Water-Air . We here are emerged and free of move above the surface, on Water. Reflecting towards the men the vital-control to be assimilated by this other extremity of Force (solar, vital orientation exterior around) as propeller. The water spreads by containing any lives as entities totally appeared with the potentialities of mutations, offering laws of balance of the relationships source of life, prolonged in donation of abundance by agricultural emergences. Soon swallowing all through, the Water is "drained" by “ascendant” Earth (catalyzed in erected stones ?) at the arrival of the Human God, who offers the superiority of the lives, the control as master of the eternal double, up to the agricultural surpluses soon accumulated in the fertile mouths. (In these last two series dominate the attitude « outline towards centre ».)

Earth-Fire-Water . The total cosmic Being beyond the big vault (that we shall approach at the third great time) propels the Water, the ultimate element of overturn of the Central Being complete. Received by the men in reflection on the dazzle of the sun (victory on exterior) promising physical eternity and power on “Central Cosmos”, enlightened to reveal it in their power, they prolong the beams to express in second reading the magnificence of palaces and monumental temples. Fire, seen this time from its extremity activated by the total Force which flares up the sun reflector, containing the acquisition as cleaned of all (central) link, offering the laws of justice, erasing the gravity centre. Fire poked up then blown by “ascendant” Air, for the arrival of the Human God accomplished taking us in the other direction, towards the total cosmic Being and Force until final return in the Reality.


Schematizing the transposition of elements-acquired in movement of surface:

From Egypt and its people the most anchored in depth, as if they had risen in the axis of the big African fault up from volcanoes, by following the south-northeast tectonic push which engages the pivot of the M ésogée closing the Mediterranean Sea by the fertile crescent, and as if they brought the arrow of the archer since its impulse. The Egyptians interpret the assimilation and the acquisition of “overturn” of all the Being central as promise of physical eternity according to the cosmic world, as “masters” of the subterranean journey between death and revival on earth (or joining the gods directly for the small Pharaonic minority). Because their esotericism accumulates of most of the mechanical assemblies of assimilations-acquisitions of the past eras.

When the Spirit begins its retreat, pulling the Fire cleaner of any sanctuaries of reflections and past emergences, the Force telluric of being loses the contact with the underground in a violent convulsion linking then breaking definitively its verticality downward to the depths, swallowing Pharaoh very just after the passage of Moses by the big fault towards the pivot of the M ésogée , tipping over finally the Man as complete central being on the drawing top of surface. (In mythical sense : final bump of the unbending of the bow - the Ark of the Alliance on the main axe ; boat and soon fish.) Breaking carried up by the flaring up,



destroying all which is supposed to get the divine reflection and cleaning the Central Place for the ultimate God Human being.

The pivot is reached, in the hollow of Palestine .

The Christ who arrives, attracts the men in a whirlwind as if they were directed to their Centre to be acquired, suspended, « the total cosmos in their back » reduced in front to the crown of rooting-Central-Being above the Centre. And launches the east-west unconscious step-movement already engaged at the look out posts by those more or less atheistic watchtowers turned outside, witnesses since the Greeks of the agony of the gods, emptying the space. They announced and marked out prematurely the exit of the bend from Salamine …

Relieved by Rome , Western Europe finally America , in the direction of the West as to take off in pursuit of the sun. Civilizations in the borders of this movement go East, remaining coiled in the sensual delight of the Earth era read again with the big maternal vault of the previous eras impossible to overtake, directed to the East as by sinking in her breast where from emerge the sun « master of lives ». With between the two a sort of gaping stomach, the big steppes of Central Asia from where are digested and appears toward all directions the crowds -symbolized by the horse- which bring some lively blood, destroy and relaunch the western movement or are gobbled up in the big vaults of east. Until today when the west does not exist any more, having joined the east disorientated towards a Man taking off outside earth.


The movement of east-west on surface conjugates with a south north axis, tending to bring the former vertical direction.

The man who comes out the depths (by force), by following the “thread of the water” (of the series "air"), the Egyptian, striving in the physical eternity and whose experience of complete assimilations-acquisitions revolves to the fertile crescent, is the Individual-Archetype at the South of this axis. (Today what is dominant in us as being and force.)

Others, "hyperborean" (or what ever the name) escape from oppressive agricultural matriarchies and the intensive farming that followed, outside this "Air" mirrored on "Water" by marking out their route with stony elevations, to rise to the high North towards the sun eternally without night – “ dis-anchoring” themselves , as universal, collective Man. (Today what in us is dominant by control and overturn.)

South-north axis, in search for synthesis between these extremes, which imposes its balance for a "conclusion" when the longitudinal movement is blocked ; and westward, in final, calling up to a new vertical dive taking off in the other direction.


The horizontal axis directs and tells the History. We saw the dominant movement westward, getting back the memory at the South of the vertical axis of the Egyptians toward the pivot of Palestine , relieved by the “glorified Humanity” of hyperborean at their exit by Salamine . The agricultural matriarchies, and their vault of primordial water all the more difficult to exceed that it has been pulled off the highest, have a dominant movement eastward as entering the cosmic breast where from appears the sun god propeller of victorious life. Stopped in mouths, the profusion which accumulates requires the city at the beginning of the eras of



the Water and the History. By way of Mesopotamia , then Indian blooming, taken by cousins in waves of hyperborean wrinkled inside, disappointed of immediate eternity. Until the outcome in empire of the middle, where there is none human autonomic movement anymore, only that of the wave of general life which will come to take the man in the listening, available.

The shock wave of this movement eastward is going to end in more and more poignant claps of the end. The Japanese, hand still holding the banister of the Chinese continent, are stopped at the threshold towards fathomless origin of the rising sun. East cut, the interrupted movement turns the Man on the vertical axis, but inward the cosmic matrix ; salvation can only come through the immanence of the couple death-life making him "eternally" dependent of its emergences, with rites of funeral style so that the life re-appears, fed by the death.


Finally launched from the belly of Central Asia in migratory whirlwinds spin-dried by the empire of the middle, waves of turco-Mongolian left northeast to come down along the immense vertical bar of Americas. Pushed until the death dominates as feeding on the life.

Beyond, the threshold of the Atlantic Ocean shored up as ultimate support … At time of the crossing … The big bearded man, harnessed by metal erases brutally the oriental movement and cleans until become corrupted every hidden recess of the global surface, in so many "superhuman victories".


Out of any movement the Man will soon be connected with the vertical axis " the purest ". The hyperborean and Egyptian spirits, bewildered in front of this return in over-beginning so prodigious.


Remains the "True" Being-Cosmos. In his space empty of being and his night to be transformed into Light. The Great T ime of the Spirit …

As the dizziness of the individuals doubles, more and more isolated, are going to make necessary the focalisation towards the new collective “hanging on”, the beams of light, released to the Spirit command, from the Christ acquired in each, will gradually turn to the new adventure : assimilate our link to the total force of the cosmos, reveled in its emptiness of being… It was the “true” element support of the last series …

In the second time, it is this "emptiness" which will have to be assumed and overturned, as the true density of total cosmic being…

Dwelling of the force … To end by offering itself in throne at the threshold of the reintegration, to the Being of Real Central rooting, our Human Centre for ever.


He will rise there at the final time, put on with the crown under total control in its centre, emerged in Him of the ultimate root of the all cosmos, at the threshold of end for the full overturn… Connected with the doubles of human beings convergent… On returning the all to the Reality. Canceling the contretemps of the non-being.

Two eras of the Spirit.


I do not believe that this system can represent a single "history" of the



emergence of the total cosmic conscious.

The life-time of Humanity cannot be that of the universe. And we are obliged to imagine somewhere else other lives saved by the same Christ.

By venturing in the cosmos He "gives Himself" in several individuals but also in several peoples. The cosmos is realized burst, the Reality saves each one divided. But it is necessary to make as if we lived it in its entirety, manifested by the Spirit as if its beginning and its end were immanent, expressing its stages on the scale of our Human duration.


If we can imagine the movement of acquisitions passed as going up vertically

from a summit of cone inverted in the heart of the earth to spread out horizontally in surface, the era which begins is going to be a vertical dive of this plane surface in the other direction towards a summit out of the earth.


It is the mark of this time: complexity taken off unified in dazzling spirit.




Mr Paul Gaïa du Hautier
Bateau Verseau
1 Port de la Rapée
Paris 75012